Ongoing since 2013

These are photographic images and sequences of modern architecture under the conditions of renovation, reconstruction, interpretation and mediatization. The works involve representing temporal and substantial material processes, thematizing the forms of appearance, of construction, material, modelling as well as the local environments and the objects within them. In this way “remnants of the authentic” come to the surface with the help of a photographic method whose descriptive quality is revealed in sequences and arrangements of further associations. My book-edition LESSMORE includes a great number of images in relation to the iconic architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, while other works refer to the Bauhaus and american modernism.

„Anyone who is interested in the survival of modernity between deconstruction and resubmission, indeed anyone who can appreciate Roger Buergel's phrase "Modernity is our antiquity", will love Brohm's LESSMORE as much as I do!“ Quoted from @ideenfreiheit, Instagram-feed by Wolfgang Ullrich, October 22., 2023

"In this project, photography no longer has a documentary role but rather a proactively questioning function. This understanding has the effect of putting the mythical status of modernist architecture to the test." Quoted from Maren Lübbke-Tidow: LESSMORE - Our Image of Time Is a Fragment. On the Presence of Transience in Joachim Brohm’s Photography

Book-edition LESSMORE (BR-ED 2023) in addition to various print-sizes and techniques

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