A New Church in Leipzig: St. Trinitatis by Schulz und Schulz Architects. A photographic project by Joachim Brohm & Valentina Seidel 2012-2015.

"Brohm and Seidel worked closely with the architects over a period of three years on a book that explores the process of building the church. Through image selection and sequencing, Brohm and Seidel reveal multifaceted relationships between the urban, historical, topographical and societal factors involved in the church‘s construction. Ultimately, their photographs probe the tension between rationality and subjectivity, narrative order and openness, past and present, as well as simplicity and complexity – thus creating a clear link to the architecture of Ansgar and Benedikt Schulz." (PR, Mana Contemporary Chicago, 2016)

The Trinity Book
Review Camera Austria

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